About Us

About Us
PathNET SYSTEMS PLC was established in 2007 G.C according to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia trade law in order to involve mainly in system study, software development, networking, maintenance, sales, web page design, training and consultancy.
Our vision is to be a leading and most progressive Information Technology company in the country to provide outstanding solutions for a wide range of information technology works by employing the most up-to-date, quality and time efficient standard procedural practices.
PathNET SYSTEMS PLC is currently involved in Information Technology field with the scope of system study, software development, computer networking, computer maintenance, sales, web site design, training and consultancy.
PathNET is determined and committed to deliver a quality services to its customers with the support of its dedicated staffs and esteemed suppliers. We strongly believe that our customers are the most important partners who helped us to valorise our company’s potential and witnessed its competence with the technical services delivered and going to be delivered.